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Who We Are

Our mastery of storytelling is critical to help make any issue accessible enough to generate a groundswell of support. A narrative must be “normalized” sufficiently to be relatable to a variety of audiences. Intrepida Strategy is well-versed in identifying, packaging and promoting stories to address critically important issues—delivering culturally-appropriate messaging for diverse communities.

Our experience in intersectional coalition-building and affiliate network management at the municipal, state, national and international levels mean we’ll work hand in glove with partners to develop a relevant and effective strategy for growth.

Our background in community organizing informs how we build key relationships and our experience in digital marketing allows us to leverage them effectively at scale.

Our track record in both non and for-profit fundraising and pubic relations demonstrates our ability to promote and capitalize projects in the public and private realms, often bridging the two to generate outsized impact.

From receiving the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce's Ceci Gratias Guardian Award—to invitations to the White House, to witness the signing of a Presidential Executive Order we helped influence—the quality of our work speaks for itself.

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