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Our Projects

In addition to Policy Advocacy and Campaign work, we have successfully founded not-for-profits, created social change campaigns in a variety of media contexts, run international conferences and developed curricula for online courses and in-person trainings. Here are some examples:

Julie Oliver for Congress

In our role as Interim Political Director, we helped position a candidate for Texas's 25th Congressional District for success through writing policy questionnaires to win key endorsements, drafting social media content, coaching the candidate in advance of events and staffing her during them. Our work contributed to winning the Democratic primary with an impressive 40 point advantage.


Deeds Not Words

We were the first employee for a Texas-based advocacy training organization founded by former state legislator and current US congressional candidate Wendy Davis. Through Deeds Not Words, we taught hundreds of students how to navigate the legislative process, draft and pass bills, and generally use their voice in the political process. Our students were able to pass seven state laws in the realm of sexual assault and human trafficking, as well as a municipal ordinance to mandate paid sick leave in Austin.


interACT Advocates

We served as a consultant and long-term advisor to a national intersex rights organization, successfully passing a statewide condemnation of un-consented surgeries on children in California. This led to the definition of intersex individuals within local nondiscrimination ordinances, spearheaded by Founder Alicia Weigel's appointed seat on the City of Austin's Human Rights Commission—and inclusion of similar policy language in both Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaigns.



Our Founder has appeared numerous times in local and national media, both in front of and behind the camera—as a pundit (from alt-right YouTube shows like Louder with Crowder to podcasts like Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye's 'Getting Curious with JVN') and a reporter. As part of KVUE's Boomtown 2040 series, Alicia researched, wrote and executed a piece on the gentrification of Austin's East Side and its effect on the displacement of local businesses owned by people of color for online distribution and television broadcast.


Pride Fund I

As the lead Partner for the state of Texas, our founder helps raise and deploy a $2 million carve-out of a larger $10 million national venture fund that invests specifically into LGBTQIA+ founders. In this role, she helps source and secure Limited Partners and portfolio companies, meanwhile building a broader ecosystem for underrepresented business leaders in the South.

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