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Our Founder

Alicia is a Forbes and New York Times published change agent, working to improve the landscape for marginalized populations in the South and around the world. 

By day, she serves as the Pride Fund's lead partner in Texas, raising and investing venture capital into LGBTQIA-led businesses nationwide. By night, she advocates for the rights of intersex people like her through her consulting firm Intrepida Strategy and nonprofit Intrepida Foundation. Alicia’s leadership in the intersex movement will be featured in a film directed by Julie Cohen (of the RBG documentary) and a book published by Harper Collins, both to release in 2023. It has also garnered her various White House invitations and the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce’s Ceci Gratias Guardian Award in 2019. 

Alicia serves on the City of Austin's Human Rights Commission, the Community Advisory Board for Texas Health Action and the Health Equity Policy Council for Central Health—a taxing entity that provides healthcare to low income Central Texans. Most recently, she helped launch RED Moon Project as a founding board member, uplifting reproductive rights activists of color and decriminalizing abortion city by city throughout Texas.

Her former work as employee #1 at Deeds Not Words—founded by the fillibustering feminist icon Wendy Davis—contributed to various state-level laws and city ordinances against sexual assault and human trafficking. In this role, Alicia traveled the country to speak on panels and at conferences, to lead corporate workshops in gender equity (Google, Facebook, etc.) and to train hundreds of high school and college students in legislative advocacy. She has also run various political campaigns at the municipal to federal levels, to increase representation of marginalized communities in public office and to expand healthcare access in Texas and Georgia. 

Prior to moving to Texas, Alicia held various roles in international marketing at grassroots organizations and for-profit businesses in Brazil, Angola, South Africa, and throughout the US. 

She holds a B.A. from Cornell University, where she studied Development Economics and Latin American Studies. Above all, Alicia is committed to fostering intersectional advocacy toward body autonomy and culturally-competent healthcare for all human beings.

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